A B S T R A C T I S M™
(Preliminary Definition with Samples)

Abstractism™ is defined as what the artist creates by the actions taken that do not follow any set of rules about painting, sculpture or other forms of the visual arts.  It can be said the artist works from his or her imagination or subconcious; what otherwise would be considered the inner self.

Often these works are difficult to explain or interpret, even for the artist creating them. In actuality, explanations and interpretations should be left to the viewer; the artist should remain silent on this aspect.

Abstractism™ inlcudes all styles of art works that have been popular in the past, with the following caveate.  Artist within Abstractism™ look at all art with a new eye, with new feeling and with new emotion thus creating an entirely fresh view and style.

Abstractism™ is not limited to non-objective works only!

Abstractism™ can equally be applied to figurative, still life and/or landscape works. Do we always see grass as green - why not red or blue?

In addition abstractism, also, applies to form, shape, process or observations recreated in the artist's mind and put to canvas, three dimensional works or other visual art's medium.

Art work may or may not represent an item or thing. The work is created as the artist's version of what the work's abstract nature is.  Does this imply there is a meaning to the piece - NO!

The work created by an artist is for the viewer to observe and contemplate, to conjure up a feeling within (not necessarily related to the title). The artist creates the work to evoke an Emotional Reaction.

Abstractism™ is not for the artisan, those technically proficient craftsmen creating unchallenging works. Abstractism™ is for the artist to whom the world presents circumstances that must be brought to the forefront. In other words, circumstances that engage the artist.

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